This event documented the felt effects of a multitude equipped with the power of media-making through readings and screenings of films on footage shot on non-professional devices of upstaged subjects, with a particular focus on accidental footage and footage of the #OWS movement.

Statement from the event: If propaganda is an aesthetic that refuses to be critical of itself, raw footage purports to be its opposite, an unmolested documentation of the real. But what is being represented? Consider the issue of framing: documentation ceases to be objective. We'd like to present a progression of footage with increasingly controlled (and controlling) frame structures.

Here we examine the proliferation of personal media-making. Personal recording devices are empowering aids to an increasingly visual reality, made rich and frenzied by its viewers and by its makers equally. This accessibility blurs the definition between producer and recipient, enabling a culture of immediacy and communicability. Due to this proliferation, digital recording has become tantamount to its predecessor in personal, reproducible communication technology: writing. This evening is an ecosystem of leveled realities.

December 9, 2011: Incidental Footage, A Reading/Screening on the Politics of Personal Media. Readings by Paul Ebenkamp, Greg McGarry, Monica Mody, Candy Shue, and Alli Warren. Screenings of work by the Lectric Collective and Nikolaos Omeros Koumoundouros. Krowswork Gallery in Oakland.